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In the U.S. alone, nearly one in five people live with a disability. ADA compliance services from ADA Registered use advanced AI technology to provide a great experience for all site visitors — regardless of impairments or disabilities. Give us a call at 360 256-1117 to make sure your site complies with ADA and 508 standards, and start improving user experience (UX) today!

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ADA Registered are a small group of seasoned online professionals. We have been providing web services for over 25 years, with  strong capabilities in ADA compliance for many reasons. While a great website is essential, access to that site is now imperative. We want all people to have an equal level of enjoyment, benefits and access, no matter their age or health condition.

ADA Compliance: Securing Equal Access to Online Content

The global awareness of disability-inclusive development has significantly increased over time. Most countries have enforced laws that protect the civil rights of disabled people, prohibiting discrimination and ensuring a barrier-free environment in all buildings and establishments. Although this is a progressive move, what is not universal is adherence to the web accessibility standards.

The web promises independent participation among online users. However, for people with disabilities to enjoy its benefits and the wealth of information it offers, website ADA compliance is essential.

Learn the foundations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other web standards and keep your website ADA compliant.

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Create An All-Inclusive Online Experience

Why Your Website Needs To Be ADA Compliant

As a business owner and marketer, your web design speaks volumes about the quality of your products and the level of your customer support. Show your clients, prospects and key stakeholders your commitment to providing the best possible service by investing in an ADA compliant website. It is now legally required, and also important to our society and business future.

Adherence to the Law

The law protects disabled people against discrimination across establishments and platforms and websites are no exception to the rule. In 2017 alone, 7,633 ADA website compliance lawsuits were filed and this number grew exponentially by nearly 200 percent in 2018.

If you have an eCommerce website or any online presence, you’re at a much higher risk of being sued for failure to meet ADA compliance guidelines. Maintaining ADA website compliance services protects your company from serial web accessibility plaintiffs. Asking the question “how do I make my website ADA compliant?” to the right professionals who can assist you is the first step to making sure you are on the right side of the law. It saves you several thousands of dollars in hiring a defense attorney and litigating an ADA web compliant case. Of course, it is good for business and the community.

Accessibility for Everyone

Millions of people with disabilities worldwide require information from online sources and have technological needs that deserve better attention and awareness. An ADA compliant website gives online visitors equal opportunities to access your content and make informed decisions.

As we transition to a more user-centric online landscape, now’s the best time to make your website ADA compliant, and take action to improve your site functionalities. Strict adherence to web accessibility guidelines enhances your customers’ web experience and facilitates memorable brand interactions. More importantly, ADA compliant websites make online users feel valued and honored.

ADA Tax Credit Elgibility

Small businesses that prioritize web accessibility and meet the ADA tax credit 2021 qualifications can get up to $5,000 IRS ADA tax credit and/or ADA tax deduction. These two ADA tax incentives are a big help to industry leaders and marketers who want to improve their site accessibility and expand their online reach but are struggling financially. ADA compliance website tax credit may cover up to 50 percent of the total ADA compliance website expenditures you’ve incurred in a taxable year. With the ADA IRS tax credit, you don’t just save a significant amount of money, but you also have the opportunity to invest your savings in website enhancements.

Better Conversion Potential

Disabilities present themselves in various forms, including visual impairments, motor disabilities, developmental delays and hearing disabilities. Businesses that optimize their website to cater to this segment of the population can go a long way towards helping more people fulfill their information needs. Having an ADA compliant website allows you to keep different audience segments engaged. The more individuals who can access your website, the higher your chances of improving your retention rate. More importantly, ADA website compliance gives you the opportunity to turn more page visitors into paying customers and even loyal brand advocates.

Long-Term Profitability

ADA compliant websites increase your bottom line, promote customer loyalty and increase user engagement. Even with a lower income, disabled people account for billions of dollars in sales annually. A new report published by the American Institutes of Research (AIR) found that inclusive marketing practices and ADA compliance help businesses gain the purchasing power of approximately 20 million U.S. working-age adults with disabilities.

Disabled U.S. adults have a disposable income of approximately $490 billion. The longer you wait to create an inclusive online experience, the more conversion opportunities and revenue streams you might lose to your competitors.

Competitive Advantage

Many businesses commit the mistake of overlooking persons with disabilities in the marketplace. What most companies fail to realize, however, is that disabled people make up a huge economic group that represents about 10 percent of total online spending.

ADA website compliance is your key to staying ahead of the competition. Improve access to your products and services and safeguard your brand from ADA website compliance lawsuits by learning how to make a website ADA compliant. Gain your competitive edge with Thrive’s ADA services.

Notes On Legal Requirements

Yes, it is true that ADA compliant websites increase your bottom line, promote customer loyalty and user engagement. It is also true that the legal requirements are quite easy to understand so the law suits and settlements are happening daily. Increase your bottom line and become legally compliant by using ADA Registered’s team of dedicated web service professionals.

Positive Online Reputation

A Click Away Pound study revealed that only 11 percent of people with disabilities would ask for help from friends or family members when they happen to encounter a content access barrier. This means the majority of disabled people who are shopping or browsing online will click away and seek out an ADA compliant website when they simply cannot access your web content.

The internet facilitates direct marketing so it only takes a single online review or recommendation to influence other people’s opinion. Having an ADA web compliant platform is an essential way to expand your online reach and attract more customers to your website. Additionally, maintaining an ADA website compliant protects your online reputation, making you the  business your audience and their network will turn to.

Do You Have An Emergency?

If you have been contacted by an irate customer, we suggest you call us to get your site to ADA Compliant level ASAP. If you have been contacted by a legal authority, either an agency or an attorney, you must call us to get you legally compliant immediately.

ADA Registered
ADA Compliance Tool

Provide A Personalized Browsing Experience

ADA Registered Agency is one of the recognized ADA compliance companies that offer comprehensive ADA compliant services. We utilize our advanced ADA compliance software to fix ADA errors on your website, ensure WordPress ADA compliance and meet ADA IRS tax credit requirements.

Our ADA compliance tool features:

Seizure Safe Profile

Page content that flashes, flickers or blinks, such as videos and animations, can trigger photosensitive epilepsy. ADA Registered ADA compliance software eliminates flashes and reduces color from your website to make it a safe platform for epileptic and seizure-prone users.

Visually Impaired Profile

Our ADA website compliant specialists enhance your site visuals to make it accessible to the visually impaired and comply with the ADA compliant tax credit requirements. ADA Registered ensure your online content is suitable for screen readers, make hyperlinks stand out for the color blind, associate text with links and use coding standards to ensure headings are properly nested.

Cognitive Disability Profile

This profile boasts assistive features that help page visitors with cognitive disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia and autism, focus on the essential page elements and complete their desired action. We utilize a search engine linked to Wiktionary and Wikipedia to make your content more understandable and provide ways to help users navigate your website with ease.

ADHD-friendly Profile

Our ADA compliance software significantly eliminates distractions on your website to help people with neuro-developmental disorders browse, read and concentrate on the important content. The ADHD-friendly profile features a reading mask that provides users sufficient time to access and interact with your page content.

Blind Users Support

Thrive’s AI tool analyzes your website components to provide screen readers with meaningful data, in adherence to the ADA compliance website tax credit guidelines. Our website ADA compliant software adjusts your website to make it compatible with any screen reader, such as JAWS, VoiceOver, NVDA and TalkBack.

Keyboard Navigation

Many people rely on the keyboard to interact with the web. At Thrive, we boost your website’s keyboard accessibility to ensure all functionalities available by mouse are also available by keyboard.

Content Adjustments

Using the ADA compliant widget, page visitors have the option to make other adjustments to your site content to suit their needs and disabilities. Online users can change the text alignments, adjust the font size and line height, magnify texts, highlight titles and links and even modify the letter spacing and font style.

Color Adjustments

Another option for online users is the color adjustment settings. Page visitors can optimize the contrast and saturation of your page elements. They can also modify the text, title and background colors for an optimum online experience.

Orientation Adjustments

Our ADA compliance tool ensures your content adapts to the online user’s preferred orientation. Site visitors have the option to hide images, mute sounds, enable the reading mask, choose between a big black or big white cursor and use a virtual keyboard.

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